Horseshoe Cincinnati Hosts Inaugural Hometown Market


On a beautiful afternoon last September 10th, community members and small businesses gathered in front of the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati for the first Hometown Market. This fun, free event was held to expose residents to local vendors and educate them on sustainable living habits. The Hometown Market was hosted on the Shoe, a one-acre outdoor green space located in front of the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati.

We were honored to have State Representative Alicia Reece kick off the event and recognize the Horseshoe Cincinnati’s investment in downtown Cincinnati,

“When I got the call from my office to be here today, I really knew the [Horseshoe’s] commitment was bigger than just the grand opening and that you all are continuing to work and keep up what you talked to, which is being a community partner,” said Reece.

Representative Reece presenting the Horseshoe Cincinnati with a proclamation recognizing the inaugural Hometown Market.

Representative Reece presenting the Horseshoe Cincinnati with a proclamation recognizing the inaugural Hometown Market.

Since opening its doors in August 2014, The Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati and its associates have continually engaged the local community through community job fairs, presence at local events, and giving back.

The casino’s CodeGreen team, spearheaded by CodeGreen leader Myra Kashner and associates Wally Welch, Jamie Amis, Gayane Makaryan, and Dan Faulkner, organized the event, basing it on the traditional farmers’ market model. Not only did the Hometown Market provide residents with an opportunity to support local businesses, it also gave them a chance to learn how to decrease their carbon footprint to live a more sustainable. In addition to the various vendors, locals enjoyed live cooking demos from the Horseshoe’s food and beverage team and a waste management and recycling presentation by Rumpke Waste. The first 500 attendees received a free, reusable shopping bag.

Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati General Manager, Kevin Kline, enthusiastically noted, “This [Hometown Market] is innovative, this is fantastic, and this is something we can build on moving forward.”

By leveraging their space and resources, the Horseshoe Cincinnati turned a blank green canvas into a vibrant, active centerpiece of the community. Day in and day out, Horseshoe Cincinnati associates are truly living their “Promises made and promises kept” mantra. Their continual commitment to corporate citizenship is helping to revitalize downtown Cincinnati, drive tourism, and boost the local economy.

Caesars Releases Annual Corporate Citizenship Report: Serious About Play

We are excited to announce that Caesars has released its fifth annual Corporate Citizenship report entitled “Serious Play.” This year’s report tracks our corporate citizenship progress throughout 2013 in the following areas: Responsible Gaming, Employee Development, Environmental Stewardship, and Community Investment.

Untitled“Serious Play” highlights Caesars’ dedication to improving the economic, social, and environmental quality of life wherever we operate. In 2013, we exceeded our aggressive environmental-sustainability goals to reduce energy and carbon emissions as well as surpassing our waste-diversion goal. Significant strides were also made in the reduction of water use and continued community giving. Caesars continued to lead the industry in innovative Responsible Gaming programs, training 43,286 employees in 2013.

Caesars’ commitment to corporate citizenship starts at the top. “We are proud to support the advancement of meaningful standards that raise the bar for business accountability, and believe it is important for Caesars to be cutting edge from an engagement and reporting standpoint,” said Gwen Migita, Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship at Caesars Entertainment.

“Serious Play” is written in accordance with the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines at core level. Highlights from “Serious Play” include:

  • 20% energy intensity reduction since 2007
  • 24% greenhouse gas emissions intensity reduction since 2007
  • 35% of all waste diverted away from landfills in 2013
  • 56% of employees from minority groups
  • More than 3.5 million hours invested in employee training.
  • 100% perfect score in the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for the 7th consecutive year.
  • More than 160,000 hours volunteered by Caesars employees to support local communities.

We are proud of our achievements and are working to set new goals and continually innovate to expand our positive impact on our guests, employees and the environment. Being in the business of play, we are also serious about how we play.



Caesars Celebrates 25 Years of Operation Bet Smart

At Caesars, the commitment to our guests goes beyond entertainment and gaming. Not only do we try to create fun, memorable experiences for guests we also care about their wellbeing. We want everyone who gambles at our casinos to be there for the right reasons – to simply have fun. As the first company to recognize and address program gambling, Caesars is taking the lead on promoting responsible gaming.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 11.14.08 AMINDUSTRY PIONEER. Our history of responsible gaming leadership traces back to the 1980s. Throughout the years we have continued to develop increasingly robust tools and initiatives around the issue. For example, Caesars collaborated with the U.S. National Council on Problem Gambling in 1995 to launch a national toll-free telephone helpline, train staff and establish offices. These early efforts were recognized when the National Council on Problem Gambling recognized Caesars with its first corporate award. Later in 2000, the Gaming Hall of Fame bestowed its first-ever Special Achievement Award on Caesars for the company’s leadership and innovative programs around responsible gaming.

OPERATION BET SMART. This year Caesars celebrated the 25th anniversary of Operation Bet Smart®: Know When To Stop Before You Start®, a program that formally trains employees on the importance of responsible gaming and the policies and procedures of Caesars responsible gaming programs. This program encourages employee awareness to help them understand Caesars’ position on responsible gaming and supplies them with valuable information and direction to potentially help others. We have Responsible Gaming Ambassadors at all of our properties. In 2013, we invested more than 27,000 hours in training 43,286 employees in both classroom and online modules.

No matter which of our casinos you visit our message is always the same: Play Responsibly. We know that you are coming to our casinos to have a good time and we always want you to leaving feeling like you did.

For more on responsible gaming at Caesars, please visit:

Welcome to Caesars Citizenship


Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 5.31.31 PM

Today we are excited to unveil the new Caesars Citizenship Blog, where we will share stories and insights that reflect our commitment to being a responsible gaming entertainment company and to being a great place to work and play. At Caesars Entertainment, corporate citizenship is at the heart of everything we do in our mission to “inspire grown-ups to play.” It’s what guides the creation of better experiences for our employees and guests, and helps us to build resilience for our local communities and the natural environment.

In addition to our award-winning environmental sustainability strategy, CodeGreen, our efforts around city revitalization, employee wellbeing and development, responsible gaming programs, philanthropy and volunteerism, and even providing the best entertainment in the world for our loyal guests—all capture what corporate citizenship means at Caesars. Watch this space for a glimpse into what inspires and drives us as a company every day, and how we are working to make a real positive impact wherever we operate.

Here are some recent examples of corporate citizenship at work:

  • In line with our efforts to advance low carbon economies and to make it easy for guests to continue their sustainable habits during their stay with us, we launched a network of electric vehicle charging stations at resorts in Nevada and California, with plans to expand in the near future.
  • A few weeks ago, we announced the winners of our company-wide contest to send 3 employees to the Dominican Republic to help our partner Clean The World distribute hygiene products recycled from our resorts to people in need.
  • Our newest casino-resort, Horseshoe Baltimore opened its doors on August 26th with a crowd-drawing ceremony joined by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who declared, “Horseshoe brings the promise of a better Baltimore.” With our move into urban areas, we aim to inject economic and social value into our new communities and become a valuable business partner to the cities.

Caesars Participates at Disrupt 100+ Innovation in Energy and Sustainability Conference

“We define sustainability not as a green idea but as a way to manage complexity,” said Gary Lawrence, a global expert on sustainable development at Disrupt 100+ Innovation in Energy and Sustainability Conference earlier this month. This ideology is what is driving companies to abandon old paradigms and implement technological and framework changes in their industries.

Caesars Entertainment’s Gwen Migita, Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship, joined other established leaders throughout the energy, infrastructure and sustainability space in taking part in the two-day Agrion hosted event that focused on that innovations addressing the increasing demand for energy and growing risks brought about by climate change.

Day one of the conference featured a morning keynote address from Steve Cornell, Senior Vice President of NRG, and an evening keynote from Christine Bader, Author of The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil.

During the afternoon, breakout sessions were divided between topics regarding energy efficiency, sustainability, and energy & the grid.

Gwen participated in a panel discussion titled, “Corporate Sustainability Leaders: Strategies for Embedding Sustainability.”  The panel covered methods for integrating company-wide sustainability values into procedures and operations, job functions and management practices, and making sustainability a strategic priority.  They also discussed the links between sustainability initiatives and corporate objectives.

Launched in 2007, Agrion is a global business network for energy, clean technology and corporate sustainability.  Caesars Entertainment and Agrion have a history of working together.  In April, Agrion interviewed Gwen on Caesars’ sustainability efforts. Representatives of Caesars have also attended previous iterations of the Agrion conference.

The conference broke the mold on the second day, sending participants out into New York City and the surrounding areas for one of three bus tours of sustainable businesses.  Participants enjoyed up close and personal experiences with sustainability efforts, from green initiatives that turned the Brooklyn Navy Yard into a park to dual-purpose solar canopies at a local Whole Foods that shelter cars and provide 20 percent of the store’s electricity.

“Participating in conferences like Agrion’s Disrupt 100+ helps me stay on top of the latest issues and innovations in corporate sustainability, while also allowing me to share insights on some of the successes at Caesars Entertainment. The clean tech audience that the group draws is a great complement to the corporate sustainability and NGO audience,” said Gwen Migita.

Caesars Joins the Conversation for Corporate-led Change at the 2014 Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego

Sustainability leaders and representatives from some of the world’s most influential brands met in San Diego on June 2-5 for the Sustainable Brands 2014 Conference, seeking to share and receive ideas and inspiration to build better, more resilient corporations for people, the planet and profit.

The Sustainable Brands Conference is predicated on the idea that innovative, sustainability-focused individuals should come together and channel their ingenuity and diverse perspectives into new ideas and more urgent actions.  The conference affords an opportunity to collaborate across disciplines and industries with the shared goal of improving global sustainability efforts.

Caesars was well represented at the conference with a half-dozen employees in attendance to serve as guest speakers and to participate in workshops and networking events throughout the conference.

Eric Dominguez, Caesars’ Corporate Director of Facilities, Engineering & Sustainable Operations, contributed his perspective to a leadership and strategy panel, “The Path to Net Positive: Principles, Practical Metrics and Communication Tactics.” The panel examined emerging trends and drivers as a vehicle for reimagining brands for true, long-lasting sustainability.

In the time spent in between sessions, Eric enjoyed networking with like-minded professionals and trailblazers in the field.  “The atmosphere was lighter after the sessions and people let their guard down to interact and get to know each other.  I love the idea of getting smaller groups of members together to do a deep-dive on a topic discussed in the morning plenary.”

Jessica Rosman participates in a panel discussion at the 2014 Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego.

Jessica Rosman participates in a panel discussion at the 2014 Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego.

Jessica Rosman, Caesars’ Director of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability, participated in a supply chain and procurement panel entitled “Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing: Key Approaches, Policies and Tools.”  She spoke on the massive potential of sustainable purchasing to reduce unwanted environmental and social impacts, and the corresponding challenges.  Her remarks on how Caesars treats the supply chain as an opportunity to empower its communities and to support diverse or women-run supplier businesses were a memorable component of the panel. Watch the post panel interview with Jessica Rosman here.

As an attendee, Lindsay Garcia, Caesars’ Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager appreciated the diverse viewpoints and experiences presented, which served to shift her perspective to consider new solutions to stale challenges.

Lindsay was especially inspired by the “Intrapreneurship for the Win: Skills, Tactics and Tools for Effective Change Agents” breakout session from the second day of the conference, which prompted her to rededicate herself to examining the whole picture when measuring a corporate footprint.  She is hoping to adopt a new strategy when it comes to employee involvement in sustainability. As Lindsay aptly sums it up, “Enable, provide some structure, and then get out of the way!  This allows team members to build on and create self-made communities.”

The Sustainable Brands event planning team redoubled their efforts for 2014, working closely with vendors and stakeholders to ensure sustainable operations.  The entire conference was carbon neutral, water neutral and zero-waste, with 100% local food sourcing.

In all, the Caesars team returned with valuable insights and techniques that they are excited to implement, furthering sustainability efforts throughout Caesars Entertainment.

Caesars Represented on Panel Discussion: Future of California Wines

On April 9th, winery owners, winemakers, and other industry representatives came together with sustainability leaders across various fields at Yountville’s hotel Bardessono in Napa Valley.  The theme: The Future of California Wines. Nomacorc, the event’s organizer, hosts a conference each year on a different theme related to wine industry growth.

Nomacorc produces synthetic wine closures and is dedicated to preservation performance as well as sustainable business practices. Their conference theme this year focused on pressing issues facing the future of California wines, including demographic shifts, climate-change, and the influence of technology and sustainability in the marketing of California wine.

Caesars’ Director of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability, Jessica Rosman was invited to be one of three panelists for the event.  The panel discussion was centered on trends in sustainability and how businesses are integrating them into operations and brand positioning to drive value for customers. During the session, Rosman identified six global trends affecting business today: climate change, energy and fuel, water scarcity, increased consumption, rise of urbanization, and connectivity and transparency.

Jessica went on to share insights into how Caesars looks at sustainability in the wine industry, considering issues like transportation, packaging, and waste.  She also pointed out that customers, like the large-meetings segment, are increasingly interested in Caesars’ sustainability initiatives and ways they can integrate environmentally friendly practices into their events.  Within the company’s supply chain, Jessica has been working to reduce the carbon footprint by initiating innovative solutions with its partners, including wine suppliers.

Caesars has implemented a number of sustainable business practices around wine purchases.  It has reduced transport and packaging materials by replacing bottles for wines sold by the glass with stainless steel wine kegs at all Caesars Palace bars, and recycles corks across various restaurants.

John Paddon, Wine Director at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, remarked on the success of these efforts, “With the draft wine program in 2013 we were able to keep 4,325 bottles from ever needing to be recycled in the Colosseum alone.  In a high volume by-the-glass program, it does not make any sense to open a bottle for every five glasses being poured.  I would like to thank our friends at Simi Vineyards for being so aggressive in their draft wine programs, which allow us to pour such fantastic Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon for our guests at the Colosseum.  World Class performances should have World Class wines.”Wine blog pic

At the event, Rosman was joined on the panel by Kaj Johnson from Method Products and Nancy Light of the Wine Institute.  Stephanie Gallo, Vice President of Marketing at E&J Gallo Winery, gave the final keynote address of the day.  She shared her insights into the latest wine trends and the need to democratize wine consumption for market growth in the United States and abroad.

Jessica was delighted to represent Caesars at the Future of California Wine conference and have the occasion to share the company’s supply chain strategies and accomplishments.  She and others involved with sustainability initiatives at Caesars seize opportunities to discuss new ideas with diverse stakeholders.  Even so, an audience of wine aficionados was a first for Jessica- but hopefully not a last.  Rosman left the event excited about the momentum behind wine sustainability and Caesars’ role in supporting the industry’s evolution.

Lake Tahoe Team Members Brave the Elements for Art-Conservation Project

As part of Caesars Entertainment’s corporate citizenship efforts, employees from Harrah’s and Harvey’s Lake Tahoe celebrated Earth Day by taking part in a local conservation project.  Dozens of team members spent April 22nd volunteering at the River Fork Ranch Preserve in the Carson Valley, shoring up the watershed along the Truckee River.  Working in shifts, HERO and CodeGreen volunteers, and even employees on their day off, came out to support the effort. Tahoe Earth Day1

The Nevada Chapter of The Nature Conservancy led the project, partnering with the Nevada Museum of Art’s Center for Art + Environment on the arts-meets-conservation initiative.  The project was designed by San Francisco-based environmental sculptors, Mary O’Brien and Daniel McCormick, and involves creating natural, woven thickets out of willow twigs and arranging them in serpentine pattern to help re-establish damaged areas of the watershed.  The natural installation is intended to hold flood waters, provide Flycatcher nesting habitat, and allow for the seasonal recharge of the wetlands. Tahoe Earth Day3

Although the day started off with snow, which gave way to rain, and finally blowing winds, Harrah’s and Harvey’s Lake Tahoe volunteers showed up ready to work.  Led by project leaders, team members were assigned tasks to help build the art-installation; including waddling, bundling, and weaving willow trigs into the hump-like structures.  In spite of the weather conditions, they contributed a hard day’s work to move the conservation project forward.  Robert Schilling, Volunteer Project Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy remarked that the Caesars’ volunteers were an “amazingly hardy group that withstood the harshness of nature and still produced an epic quantity of wattles.”

This Earth DTahoe Earth Day2ay effort is part of an ongoing partnership between Caesars and The Nature Conservancy.  In 2011, the Caesars Foundation awarded a $50,000 grant to the Whit Hall Interpretive Center, a then-new facility located at River Fork Ranch and owned by The Nature Conservancy in Nevada.  The grant helped remodel and transform an existing ranch home into an interpretive center for one of the state’s most ecologically important and biologically diverse areas.

A special thanks to Jane Flavin, Manager of Recruitment and Training, for her leadership in organizing this successful outing.  You can view more photos from the Earth Day Event here.  (All images © TNC/Simon Williams)

Caesars Featured in New Business Roundtable Report

A new Business Roundtable report, “Create, Grow, Sustain: Celebrating Success,” highlights the remarkable results of the sustainability efforts of 150 companies, including Caesars Entertainment, which are driving investment, economic growth and job creation – while simultaneously improving the communities where we work and live.

At Caesars, we strive every day to improve the quality of life for people in the communities where we operate.  As a result of our efforts and those of other leading companies, the business community has helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, conserve water and protect the environment.

Learn more about our efforts here. Read the full Business Roundtable report here.

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Caesars Plans to Raise Environmental Awareness on Earth Day 2014

On Tuesday, April 22nd, Caesars Entertainment properties across North America will celebrate Earth Day by taking action on environmental issues.  Earth Day is a time for Caesars employees to come together and demonstrate environmental stewardship, one of four pillars representing the Caesars Code of Commitment.  This year’s celebrations will involve guests and communities, and showcase some of the sustainable initiatives properties practice year-round under the CodeGreen environmental strategy.

Here are just a few of the many Earth Day activities taking place at Caesars:

  • Harrah’s Ak-Chin Sheds Light on Being Green: The Lounge has been illuminated green with energy efficient LED lighting in celebration of CodeGreen Month.  On Earth Day, Total Rewards Guests can enter the free Go Green Sweepstakes to win energy-efficient electronics, but all participants will walk away with a seed paper coaster.
  • Lake Tahoe Volunteers for Art-Conservation Project: Dozens of Harrah’s and Harvey’s Lake Tahoe employees will work with the Nature Conservancy to help create a natural art installation that will restore the watershed along the Truckee River on the River Fork Ranch Preserve.
  • Shred It at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs: The public is invited to safely dispose of confidential documents and help the environment at the same time. Anyone can bring up to five boxes of documents to be shredded and recycled free of cost.
  • Employees Get Green at Horseshoe Hammond: The employee dining room will have reduced lighting and provide organic, locally sourced food, as will the “Shuffle” station in Village Square Buffet.  In addition, a recycling drop-off has been placed in the employee parking lot for the month of April.
  • It’s in the Bag at Horseshoe Cincinnati: The first 5,000 Total Rewards Guests will receive a reusable shopping bag on Earth Day.
  • Take a Chance for the Environment at Horseshoe Southern Indiana: When guests swipe their Total Rewards card on Earth Day, they’re entered into a drawing to win one of 38 environmental prizes like eco-friendly cookware, solar farm, and energy efficient appliances.
  • Harrah’s Laughlin Recycles Your Electronics: The public and employees are invited to bring unwanted electronics to the Electronic Waste Recycle Drive.

    Harrah’s Metropolis will be giving away Earth Day seed packets to guests.

  • Harrah’s Metropolis Celebrates Employee Dedication:  CodeGreen materials and seed packets will be distributed to patrons, and employee accomplishments will be celebrated over cake. 
  • Caesars Windsor Puts In the Work:  More than 50 employees have signed on to clean the local Little River on April 23rd and even more will be attending an Earth Day Tree planting with their families on April 27th

We hope that you will join us on Earth Day in renewing your commitment to a sustainable future- and take the extra steps necessary to green your day, your life, and your community.  The founder of Earth Day, Congressman Gaylord Nelson, had a clear vision of this sustainable future, “Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures.”  At Caesars, we take responsibility for the health of our environment and communities, and will continue to work together to make them more vibrant places to live and work.